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Rozana Wheels of Hope Emergency Relief Appeal

Project Rozana’s ‘Wheels of Hope’ program provides seamless transportation for critically ill Palestinian patients (mostly children), for treatment in Israeli hospitals.

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Wheels of Hope aims to address the significant impediments to healthcare access caused by the difficult checkpoints entering Israel and the high transportation costs.

Providing transportation services from patient homes in the West Bank to checkpoints, hospitals in Israel, and back, and from Erez crossing to Jerusalem hospitals and back is a critical initiative to improve access to healthcare for Palestinian residents. 

By supporting the Palestinian 'Green Land Society for Health Development' and the Israeli 'Humans without Borders,' the initiative boosts established networks of Palestinian and Israeli volunteer drivers, enabling hundreds of Palestinian residents to receive treatment every day in hospitals within Israeli borders. This support enables thousands of critically ill Palestinian patients, mostly children, to receive advanced medical treatment that may not be available in the West Bank.

Moreover, the initiative enhances cross-border people-to-people interaction through the Israeli volunteer network, Israeli patient navigators, and medical clowns, and fun days for the children patients. This interaction promotes cultural exchange and understanding, breaking down barriers between communities, and fostering a more peaceful and cooperative environment.

Wheels of Hope is a vital step towards improving healthcare access for Palestinian residents, particularly for patients undertaking cancer or dialysis treatment who make the trip multiple times per week. The initiative's impact is not only on the patients receiving medical treatment but also on promoting cross-border cooperation and understanding.

Humans Without Borders (HWB) 

It's heartening to hear about the work of HWB and their volunteers in providing transportation and assistance to Palestinian families in need. Their efforts to organize fun days and provide medical supplies are also commendable.

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right, and it's unfortunate that many families in the West Bank face difficulties in accessing medical treatment due to factors such as high transportation costs and checkpoints. The work of HWB helps to alleviate some of these challenges and ensures that families can access the care they need.

It's important to continue supporting organizations like HWB and to work towards improving healthcare access for all individuals, regardless of their geographic location or political circumstances.

Green Land Society for Health Development (GLSHD)

GLSHD invests huge efforts to improve health and environmental conditions in Palestine. Their coordination of transportation services for patients referred by the Palestinian Ministry of Health is essential to ensure that individuals can access the medical care they need.

GLSHD engages with non-profit organizations in Jerusalem and Israel to coordinate transportation services for patients. The use of volunteers in Palestine to provide transportation services to patients in rural areas is also an innovative approach that demonstrates the importance of collaboration and community engagement. In 2023, GLSHD has added in fixed minibus lines between Hebron and two Israeli border crossings.

Overall, GLSHD's work is essential to improving health outcomes for Palestinians, and it's vital to continue supporting organizations like GLSHD to ensure that everyone has access to the medical care they need.

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Wheels of Hope 2023 Highlights

Volunteer drivers

30,000 +
Patient transfers

3 Fixed minibus lines every day

Patient visits in 2022
  1. Cancer treatment
  2. Bone marrow transplant 
  3. Kidney dialysis
  4. Open heart surgery
  5. Orthopaedic procedures